Design and Planning

We will work with you to discover the following
  • Your primary business objectives  in having a website - i.e. why is the site being built
  • What do you want the website to do
  • Who are your potential customers  - who will be using the website
  • What messages do you wish to get out to the market
  • What content is available- text, images, video.
Once the Design has been decided, it is time to plan your web site. This is the point where a site map is developed.
A site map is a list of all main areas of the site, and serves as a guide as to what content will be on the site. It helps to develop a consistent, easy to understand flow of information so that the end-users of the site – your customers can learn about your services or buy your products.

We will create one or more prototype designs for your web site, either am image of what the pages will look like or drawings outlining the page contents. We will work closely with you through this process to ensure so that you are given the opportunity to express your likes and dislikes on the site design.
In this phase, there is usually a good deal of communication and between us to ensure that the final web site will match your needs and taste. It is important that you work closely with us, exchanging ideas, until you arrive at the final design for your web site.

Building the Website

When we build the site, we will use up to date open source software where possible to keep your costs down.

All our sites are built using responsive design, which means that clients are able to find you on mobile devices such as smartphones, ipads and tablets.

As well as building the site, we will arrange to register your domain name if you do not already own a domain, and set web site hosting. Any email addresses you require will also be set up for you.
We will keep you involved throughout this process by using a development area, where we can provide you an actual live view of what the site will look like and how it will operate. You can test any aspect of your site including completing and submitting interactive forms and making trial purchases and payments in your e commerce store.  

As part of the build process we will use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to make your website visible to your customers and potential customers. Many companies treat SEO as an optional extra, something to worry about after their website has been built. They’re wrong. SEO needs to be at the core of your website design, development and build. That requires expertise, planning and a structured approach.
Mikewebdesign has the skills and expertise to make maximum use of SEO

Once you are totally happy with the look and feel of the site, we will then transfer it to our live servers and release the site to the world.

Finally we will provide "How To" documentation, training and information on how you can add new information and make changes to your website. Of course we are always available to assist in making any changes or adjustments.

You only pay for our sevices once the site the live is live. Our standard terms are payment within 7 days of receiving our invoice.
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